How To Use Caavo Search?

by Gagan

Voice commands are at the heart of the Caavo experience. You can search for shows, live TV channels (if you’re a subscriber), or even the devices that you have plugged into your television.

Simply press the  button on your Caavo remote and search for any term, and Caavo will scan through all of the apps, devices, and services you subscribe to to find exactly what you’re looking for.

If you want to dive right into a show you’ve already started, tell Caavo to “watch” that show. For example, if You’ve been watching House of Cards on Netflix, you can say “watch House of Cards”, and Caavo will jump right into the next episode.

You can also ask Caavo to "watch" the name of any of your devices and Caavo will automatically switch to that source.

See the following articles for more detail on the types of searches you can perform:


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