Changing Source Devices

by Jerry

With the remote:

  • Press the DEVICES button (below CAAVO button, left side) and then select the device you wish
  • Press the CAAVO button, then select the DEVICES option, then select the device you wish

With voice: Press the MIC button on your Caavo remote, say "watch" and the name of the  device you’d like to switch to.

  • For example if you have an Apple TV, you could simply say “watch Apple TV” and Caavo will switch to Apple TV automatically. 
  • You can even specify the app and device "watch Netflix on Roku"

With your original device remote: Varies by device

  • If you prefer using the remote that came with your device, simply pick up that remote and press a button.  In most cases, Caavo will automatically switch to that device.
    • If Caavo doesn't switch, go to Settings> Devices> [device name]> Control Settings> Auto-Switch Settings and enable the available options.



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