Choosing Default Apps

by Gagan

If a show or movie is available on more than one app, you can tell Caavo the order of your app preferences. This setting will affect the order in which apps are suggested to watch a show, and will also affect which app is used to automatically launch shows to watch.

For example, on your Apps screen, if you have the Amazon app first in the list followed by Hulu, Caavo will prefer to play content on Amazon before Hulu. If you select something to watch, Caavo will automatically open the Amazon app to play it (even though it could have played it in Hulu just as easily).

To reorder your apps, first open the Apps menu after pressing the Caavo button on your remote:

Select Apps:


Highlight the app you’d like to reorder (in this case Hulu), and press and hold the (<<) button to move it left for higher priority, or press and hold the (>>) button to move it right for lower priority:


This will also dictate the order of your apps' Watchlists in the "Watchlists" section of Caavo. For example, moving an app to the left (higher priority in this list) will move the app UP in the watchlist, towards the top.


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