Pairing and Unpairing Your Caavo Remote

by Jerry

Ensure that your remote is charged.

If your remote loses connectivity with the Caavo unit, the remote's LED will flash blue continuously or will flash blue 3-4 times when you press a button on it.  If the remote has been moved out of range, simply bring it back into the room with the Caavo unit and it should reconnect automatically. 


If the remote is near Caavo, and Caavo is powered on, but is still flashing the blue LED you can enter the pairing menu by pressing and holding both the (+) and (-) buttons on your Caavo unit for 5 seconds. The buttons are highlighted in red here:


Once you see the pairing screen displayed, release the two buttons and then press the CAAVO button on the remote. 

Unpairing the remote
If the Caavo unit does not respond to the remote during pairing, the remote will need to be "unpaired" by pressing and holding both the CAAVO and BACK (<-) buttons until the remote's LED flashes red and green.  You can then release those buttons and press CAAVO, per the onscreen instructions.


Reset the remote
If the remote is not responding at all, even after plugging it into a charger, you will need to reset the remote.  This is done by gently inserting a pin or paper clip inside the small hole on the bottom of your remote just to the right of the charging port. You should feel a small button press as you insert. 

After you perform a remote reset, you will need to pair your remote again.



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