How to use IR Extenders

by Gagan

We've included two sets of infrared (IR) blasters to accommodate those home entertainment setups where the IR blasters in the Caavo box can't reach your devices.


TV/AVR Controller


This IR blaster is intended for use with your TV or AVR. If your Caavo is in a closed cabinet, or is too far from your TV or AVR to have line-of-sight, then you can use this blaster to extend the range of the IR commands that Caavo sends out. Plug the 3.5mm connector into the IR port in Caavo, and place the other end of the blaster somewhere with line of sight to your TV or AVR unit. The IR port is circled in red below:



Source Device Controller


This combination of an IR blaster and HDMI extender is intended for use with your source devices. If your Caavo will be placed somewhere separate from your source devices, then you can simply plug the HDMI extender into the source device (not into your Caavo unit), and connect the IR blaster to the HDMI extender.

Alternatively, if your Caavo will be kept inside a closed cabinet or media closet, and you don't want to run an IR extender through your walls you can also use the Source Device Controller. Plug the included extender into your TV input, and connect the IR blaster to the extender.


Use the IR Extender coupled with the HDMI extender for source devices that have a blocked line of sight from your Caavo unit, i.e, when your devices are in another room or in another media cabinet.


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