How To Customize Buttons On The Caavo Remote

by Gagan

Depending on which device is being controlled, some of the buttons on your remote can be re-mapped to other functions.

  1. First long-press the KEYPAD button to bring up the button menu. (Note, all remote functions can be used normally in this state. You can also DPAD up and down to select additional functions for your STB and send them to your system).Button_Reassign_v4.1.png
  2. Then press the KEYPAD button a second time to enter customization mode. You will be shown which buttons / functions can be reassigned at this time.Button_Reassign_v4.2.png
  3. On your remote, press the button you'd like to reassign. Using the DPAD move the blue highlight box to the function you wish to assign to you remote button.Button_Reassign_v4.3.png
  4. Once you have selected the function to assign, you will be returned to the initial overview of button assignments.Button_Reassign_v4.4.png
  5. When you are finished press the CAAVO button on your remote to exit.



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