Home Entertainment System Setup Primer

by Gagan

The way that your home entertainment system is configured can affect the way devices should be connected to Caavo, as well as the way Caavo should be set up. 

Closed vs Open Cabinet

Caavo communicates with many devices via IR signals. IR signals can't pass through opaque objects, so if your Caavo will be separated from either your source devices or your TV, you may need to use IR extenders. Click here to learn more about the IR extenders included with your Caavo.

AVRs and Speaker Systems

Caavo needs to be told whether its output will go through an AVR or directly to the TV. This is part of the setup process, but if you change your home theater setup and need to update this setting in Caavo, simply navigate to Settings > Devices > select your TV from the list. Then select Reset Output, and you'll be able to re-configure how Caavo's output is connected.

To avoid having to use IR Extenders and IR Blaster, you may want to set up control type for both your Display and/or AVR to HDMI-CEC whenever possible. This allows Caavo to control your Display and/or AVR via HDMI-CEC rather than relying on line of sight IR blasts. This is especially helpful if your AVR/Display and Caavo are located in separate rooms or media cabinets.


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