How to use your Caavo Account

by Gagan

Your Caavo account is used to keep track of all of the accounts for apps and streaming services that you'll use with your Caavo device. Connecting your Caavo account to your app and streaming accounts enables you to view your watchlists on Caavo, and automatically resume shows that you've been watching from where you left off. If you'd prefer not to link your accounts to Caavo you can skip this step, but you will lose access to the "watch" command shortcuts, and the watchlist features.


On Your Caavo

To link your Caavo to a Caavo account, first navigate to Settings > Apps & Credentials:



In Your Web Browser

When you connect to on your PC or mobile device, you'll be asked to enter the PIN assigned to you by your Caavo device:



Next, you'll select the services which you'd like to link with Caavo:



Finally, on the next few screens you'll log in to each of the services you've selected.

Once completed, your TV will display a message showing that you have successfully completed the Caavo account setup and modification and you can continue using your Caavo.



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