Caavo and Source Devices

by Gagan

The articles in this section will dive into how Caavo interacts with the various devices you connect with it. Articles about source devices will cover:

  • Control Types: this section will cover how Caavo communicates with your device, and what types of control communication are supported. You can learn more about control types here.
  • Auto Switching: auto-switching allows Caavo to detect activity on a source device, and automatically switch to that device. This section will cover what types of actions Caavo can detect.
  • Basic Controls: this includes things like turning devices on and off, navigating, etc. This section will things like nuances in control configuration and control types, as well as how keys are mapped to the Caavo remote. Note: you can always see what the Caavo remote buttons are mapped to for the current source device by pressing and holding the button.
  • Deep Linking: deep linking is what allows Caavo to launch apps and shows on your devices. This section will cover whether or not Deep Linking is supported for each device, and what functionality can be expected.


Device Articles


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