How to set up Apple TV

by Gagan

Control Types

AppleTV can be controlled via IP or IR controls. IP control is recommended, and is selected by default. Note: in order to use IP control, Caavo must be on the same network as your Apple TV.


Auto Switching

Caavo can detect the follow activities on Apple TV:

  • A new Airplay session is initiated on Apple TV
  • Bluetooth remote operation
  • IR remote operation
  • Using "Remote" app on iphone/ipad

If Auto Switching for Apple TV is enabled and any of these activities happen, then Caavo will turn on and switch sources to Apple TV automatically.


Basic Controls

Caavo can perform basic controls with Apple TV through either IR or IP controls. Apple TV keys are mapped to the following Caavo buttons:

Apple TV Caavo
 Swiping on touchpad (latest Apple TV)    n/a
 Menu   MENU button
 Microphone   note: activates Caavo voice commands -- not Siri
 Home   HOME button
 Volume Up   + Volume Up
 Volume Down   - Volume Down
 Play/Pause   Play/Pause


Deep Linking

Deep Linking on Apple TV requires installing the Caavo Companion app on your device. On your Apple TV, navigate to the App Store, and search for "Caavo", and install the Caavo Companion app. Once the app is installed, move it to the top left row on your Apple TV using your Apple TV remote, and you're good to go!  

NOTE: Deep Linking only works on Apple TV 4 and newer. This is because older versions of Apple TV do not allow users to install 3rd-party apps.


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