by Gagan

Control Types

DirecTV can be controlled via IP or IR controls. IP control is recommended, and is selected by default. Note: in order to use IP control, Caavo must be on the same network as your DirecTV set-top box.


Auto Switching

Caavo can detect the follow activities on DirecTV:

  • HDMI-CEC commands
  • Power on
  • DirecTV IR Remote operation

If Auto Switching for DirecTV is enabled and any of these activities happen, then Caavo will turn on and switch sources to DirecTV automatically.


Basic Controls

DirecTV keys are mapped to the following Caavo buttons:

DirecTV Caavo
 Directional Pad    
 Fast Forward   
 Channel/Page Down   
 Channel/Page Up   
 Exit  Long press  
 Menu  Long press  
 Info  Long press  
 Replay  Long press  
 Skip  Long press  
 Record  Long press  
 More buttons  Long press  

You can also customize additional long-press functions. Long press the  button. You can then select a function on the left side of the menu, and press & hold the button you want to assign that function to.


Deep Linking

Deep Linking on DirecTV supports navigating to specific shows or channels, searching DVR listings, and automatically launching DVR shows.


- Connect the Direct TV STB to any available Caavo HDMI port.
- Verify Caavo discovers the newly connected Direct TV STB
- Verify Direct TV STB is connected to the same network as Caavo
- Proceed with steps to setup the new device
- While in setup, follow the instructions to verify you can control the Direct TV STB with the Caavo remote.


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