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Control Types
Roku can be controlled via IP (Internet Protocol) or IR(infrared) controls. IP control is highly recommended and selected by default. Note: in order to use IP control, Caavo must be on the same network subnet as your Roku device.

Auto Switching
Caavo can detect the follow activities on Roku:

  • Roku RF (Bluetooth) remote operation
  • Roku IR remote operation
  • Roku app on your smartphone

If Auto Switching for Roku is enabled and any of these activities happen, then Caavo will turn on and switch sources to Roku automatically.  If this isn't working, use the Caavo remote to go to Settings> Devices> Roku> Control Settings> Auto-Switch Settings to enable this functionality.

Basic Controls
Roku keys are mapped to the following Caavo buttons:

Roku Caavo
 Directional Pad    Directional Pad
 Back   (<-)
 *   MENU
 Home   HOME
 Rewind   (<<)
 Fast Forward   (>>)
 Play/Pause   (>||)
 Replay  Long press (<<)

Deep Linking
Deep Linking is supported on all Roku devices without the need for a companion app EXCEPT: first generation Roku, Roku Stick, and Roku televisions, which do not support Deep Linking.

  • Connect the Roku to any available Caavo HDMI port. You will need to use a HDMI extender for the Roku Stick.
  • Verify Caavo discovers the newly connected Roku
  • Verify Roku is connected to the same network as Caavo
  • Proceed with steps to setup the new device
  • While in setup, follow the instructions to verify you can control the Roku with the Caavo remote.
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