by Jerry

Control Types
Caavo communicates with PS4 via HDMI-CEC commands, which means that inputs are sent through the HDMI cable connecting them.


Auto Switching
Caavo can detect the follow activities on PS4:

  • Power On
  • PS button

If Auto Switching for PS4 is enabled and any of these activities happen, then Caavo will turn on and switch sources to PS4 automatically.  If that isn't working, confirm that the HDMI Device Link is activated on PS4 (Settings> System> Check HDMI Device Link).


Basic Controls
PS4 keys are mapped to the following Caavo buttons:

PS4 Caavo
 Directional Pad    Left/right/up/down
 Back   Back
 Title Menu   Menu
 PS Button   Home
 Rewind   <<
 Fast Forward   >>
 Pause   >||
 Previous   PgDn
 Next   PgUp
 Stop  Long press of Back
 Menu  Long press  of Menu
 Tools  Long press  of Home
 Play  Long press  of >||

If you press the KEYPAD button (bottom center of Caavo remote) it will display a map for all buttons on the remote.


Deep Linking
Deep Linking from a Caavo search into a title/show/asset) is not supported with PS4.




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