How to use IR Controls

by Gagan

Caavo has several IR emitters along the front and sides of the case, which send signals to your devices. Most televisions and many source devices are controlled through IR signals.



Caavo is pre-programmed with controls for a wide variety of devices, and will automatically detect devices which are connected to it. After connecting a new device, you will see a prompt to configure Caavo to work with your device: 


If Caavo doesn't recognize this device, you'll need to teach Caavo the commands to control it. Caavo will walk you through this process while you use your device's original remote so that Caavo can learn the device specific commands:




If you're having trouble controlling your device with Caavo, it's possible that the infrared signals from the Caavo unit aren't reaching your device. IR signals need a clear line of sight, so if your Caavo is physically separated from the device you're trying to control, you may need to use one of the IR blasters included with your Caavo unit. This article goes into more detail about how to use those blasters.

It's also possible that you have an RF remote, which is not supported by Caavo. You can test this by placing your hand in front the original device remote (blocking it's signal to your device) and then trying to control your device. If the device responds, even while your hand is blocking the remote signal, you likely have an RF remote and will need to use it (and not the Caavo remote).

You can also reset controls for your device and go through setup again navigating to Settings > Devices > [device name] > Test Control


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