What Are HDMI-CEC Controls?

by Gagan

HDMI-CEC is a protocol which allows devices to send functions and commands using a connected HDMI cable. Caavo can use HDMI-CEC commands in both directions. For example:


Source Device to Caavo

If you turn on your Xbox or PS4 with that console's gamepad, the console will send a command through the HDMI cable to Caavo. This tells Caavo that the device has been turned on, and if Auto-Switch is enabled then Caavo will automatically turn on the TV if it's off and change sources to that source device.

Click here to learn more about auto-switch.


Caavo to Source Device

Caavo can also send commands to devices that support HDMI-CEC. For example, Caavo can control devices power on/off behavior, navigation (up, down, left, right, select), input selection and more via HDMI-CEC.


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