What Are Device Control Settings?

by Gagan

The Control Settings screen gives you access to two settings: Auto-Switch Settings and Control Type. You can get here by navigating to Settings > Devices, choose your device, then select Control Settings.



Auto-Switch Settings

Caavo can detect when certain activities happen on your source devices, even if it isn't the active source. For example, if you're watching a movie on your Roku but want to start playing games on your Xbox, Caavo will detect when your Xbox turns on and automatically switch to your Xbox.

The type of activity which can be detected depends on each device. As a rule, Caavo can always detect when a device turns on or wakes up from sleep, but other activities will depend on the device. Click here to see a listing of source devices, and articles for each device going into more detail about what activities are supported.

Some devices include a “Power On” option that is on by default but, depending on your preferences, you may want to disable it.


Change Control Type

Caavo has four methods of communicating with your source devices: HDMI-CEC, IR, IP, and Bluetooth. This article will give you an overview of what each of those protocols means.

Caavo will default to the control type that is usually the most reliable and fastest for each device, but there may be some scenarios where you want to choose a different control type. For example, IP controls are usually faster and more reliable than IR controls. But if your Caavo and the device you're trying to control need to be on different networks, then you may want to switch to IR controls. 


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