Introduction To The Caavo Interface

by Gagan

The Caavo interface is centered on the Caavo toolbar, which appears when you press the Caavo button on your remote:


You can dismiss the Caavo interface by pressing the Caavo button a second time, or pressing the BACK button.

From this screen you can access all of Caavo's features and settings. Here's what each of these menu options lets you do:




Search is the central way to interact with Caavo. The easiest way to search is by holding the MIC button on your Caavo remote, but you can also type in search queries from this screen. Click here to learn more about searching on Caavo.




This screen will allow you to change between the source devices connected to your Caavo. You can view this screen by pressing the SROUCE DEVICES button on your Caavo remote (and dismissing using the same button). You can also change sources by holding the X button on your Caavo remote and saying "watch [device name]." For example, you can say "watch Roku" and Caavo will automatically switch the Roku source device.




This screen will allow you to directly launch any of the apps you have on your source devices. You can also launch these apps by saying "watch [Device name]". For example, you can press the MIC button and say "Watch Netflix", which will automatically launch Netflix. You can also do a simple search by using just the app name, i.e. "Netflix." The order of the apps on this page also represents their priority. If a show is available on more than one app, then Caavo will launch that show on the left-most app on this screen. Click here to learn how to re-order your apps.




After you've connected your streaming services with your Caavo account, Caavo will be able to display your watchlist for each of the apps you've connected. You can learn more about setting up your Caavo account here. You can launch any movie or show on your watchlist by pressing the MIC button on your Caavo remote and saying "watch [movie/show title]". For example, saying "watch Moana" will open Amazon and launch the movie Moana right where you left off.




This menu includes an array of preferences you can set. Everything from which device should launch your apps, to which network your Caavo is connected to. Check out these articles for details on each of the options seen above:



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