Quick Start Guide

by Gagan


STEP 1 - Create Your Account

If you’ve already created your Caavo Account, then skip this step and give yourself a pat on the back! If you haven’t already created your Caavo Account online, go to https://setup.caavo.com and create one. Have your service credentials handy to make setup go faster. 


 STEP 2 - Charge the Caavo Remote

Unpack your remote, USB cable and wall charger and connect to a wall outlet to charge.



 STEP 3 - Disconnect Your Source Devices

If you have an AVR or Sound Bar connected to your TV via HDMI, leave it connected on both ends. Then, disconnect all your HDMI source devices from your AVR/Sound Bar. You will connect Caavo to your AVR/ Sound Bar in Step 4.


If you do not have an AVR/Sound Bar, or your AVR/Sound Bar is connected via RCA or optical, disconnect all your HDMI source devices from your TV. You will connect Caavo directly to your TV in Step 4.


 STEP 4 - Connect Caavo to your TV or AVR

Connect an HDMI cable between the Caavo OUT port and one of the inputs on the TV/AVR/Sound Bar you disconnected your source devices from in Step 3. Remember which input you used - this will help you in Step 6.


 STEP 5 - Connect your Source Devices to Caavo

Connect all your source devices to Caavo using any of the 8 numbered HDMI ports. If you use an HDMI streaming stick, use the HDMI extender to help you connect to Caavo.


 STEP 6 - Power, Network, and TV On!

Connect the Caavo power cord to a wall outlet. Connect the supplied Ethernet cable from Caavo to your router for best results. If a wired ethernet connection is unavailable, WiFi can be setup later. Turn on your TV with your TV’s remote (and AVR/Sound Bar too). Follow the on-screen instructions to complete your setup experience. During setup, you will be instructed how to use the included IR accessories (if needed)





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