What to do if Caavo does not connect to the internet

Caavo may display a message that a network connection has been lost or is no longer available, or you may try to issue a voice command and Caavo will look like it is responding but never appears to "hear" you.  This can happen if Caavo loses connection with your network, or if your network loses connection to the internet.

First, check that other network devices can connect to the internet.  You may wish to perform a speed test to confirm the current connection speed.

Wireless can be tricky sometimes, and if the signal from your router is too weak then Caavo may not be able to connect. Some possible solutions:

  • We recommend using a wired connection if possible, and an Ethernet cable is included with your Caavo for your convenience.
  • If possible, you can also try moving your wireless router closer to Caavo.
  • Most newer routers will give you the option to connect to a 2.4GHz signal or 5GHz signal, often denoted with "_5G" at the end of the network name. Connect to the 5GHz signal if available.
  • On Caavo, go to Settings> Network Settings to confirm the network name, signal strength and IP address.  If any of these are incorrect, select the option to change the wireless network settings.
  • You might wish to try restarting both Caavo and the the wireless router.  Restarting both devices can help resolve numerous problems, including duplicated IP address assignment by the router.
    • If you have set up Caavo's IP manually (automatic is the default setting), check to make sure that IP address is not already in use.  You will need to access your router's admin screens to do this.
  • If you have tried all of these steps and connections still fail, it is possible that other devices on your network may be causing issues.  Try temporarily disconnecting those devices, or power them down, for troubleshooting purposes.


Network Ports Closed

If your network is configured with port blocking, there are several ports that Caavo needs to be open in order to function properly. These are:

  • 8080
  • 8079
  • 443
  • 9876
  • 80
  • 9292
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