What to do if Caavo does not auto-launch shows on Amazon FireTV

In order for Caavo to launch shows on your FireTV, the Caavo Companion App needs to be installed.

  1. Search for Caavo Companion directly on your FireTV OR visit the Amazon app store on a browser
  2. In the dropdown menu to the right side of the screen in the Caavo Companion app page, choose the FireTV device you want to use with Caavo and click "Deliver". If you're not sure which device to choose, choose "Cloud Only".
  3. If you chose a specific device in Step 2 you can skip this step. If you chose "Cloud Only" in Step 2, turn on Caavo and on FireTV navigate to Settings > My Account > Sync Amazon Content. The Caavo Companion app will now be installed on your device.
  4. Once the Caavo Companion app is installed, the app and open it. You should get a message that says "Caavo connected successfully!" Caavo can now Deep Link with your FireTV!

Click here to learn how to install the Companion App on your FireTV.