How to use Amazon Alexa voice commands

by Jerry

If you haven't already, click here to see how to connect Alexa with your Caavo.

Caavo makes it easy for everyone to watch the best television in your home. It brings together everything you already own — cable or satellite, streaming boxes or sticks, gaming consoles, DVD and Blu-ray players — unifying devices, apps, and content into one experience. also also works with Alexa. Now, watching TV is truly as easy as saying "watch." (Alexa "Watch" commands only work with the programs in the Watchlist and with exact name)

To get started, on your Caavo go to to Settings, Other Services,  Alexa and follow the on screen steps from there.  That’s it!

  • After pairing Alexa to your Caavo, you can say things like:
  • Alexa Open Caavo, Play Stranger Things
  • Alexa Open Caavo, Play CBS
  • Alexa Open Caavo, Play Channel 202
  • Alexa Open Caavo, Power On/Off
  • Alexa Open Caavo, Find My Remote
  • Alexa Open Caavo, Watch Netflix
  • Alexa Open Caavo, Search for Guardians of the Galaxy
  • Alexa Open Caavo, Pause
  • Alexa Open Caavo, Play

Example Phrases

  • Alexa, Open Caavo, Play Star Wars
  • Alexa Open Caavo, Play CBS
  • Alexa Open Caavo, Search for Guardians of the Galaxy

Playing Shows

Command Type

Alexa, tell Caavo to...

Play a show Play/watch "The Baby Boss"
Launch an app Play/watch Netflix
Switch to a source device Play/watch Roku
Tune to a channel number Play/watch Channel 42
Tune to a channel name Play/watch HBO


Searching for Shows

Command Type Alexa, tell Caavo to...
Search for a show Search for Top Gun
Search for an app Search for Netflix
Search for a source device Search for Roku
Search for a channel number Search for 42
Search for a channel name Search for HBO
Search for a show on a device Search for Suits on Roku


Device Control

Command Alexa, tell Caavo...
Play Play
Stop Stop
Start Start
Mute Mute
Unmute Unmute
Power/turn on/off Power/turn on/off
Power/turn on/off AVR Power/turn on/off AVR


Locate Your Remote

Command Alexa, tell Caavo...
Find my remote Find my remote
Where is my remote? Where is my remote?


NOTE:  At this time you can only connect a single Alexa assistant to Caavo by using the unique PIN provided in settings.


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