How to use Caavo voice commands

by Gagan

Click here for an introduction to search on Caavo.

Caavo enables you to use voice commands to control the searching for, or watching of the content that you love. There are several ways you can use voice commands with Caavo.


Basic Searches

Search Type Example
Movie / show name "Game of thrones"
Device name "FireTV"
App name "Hulu"
Channel name "ESPN"
Channel number "42"


Start with Watch

Using "watch" before any voice query will automatically launch that show or switch to an app or device as long as it is in your watchlist, or connected to Caavo, without first displaying the search results.


Search on a Specific Device

You can also search for results on a particular device. For example, instead of just saying "Game of Thrones", you could say "Search for Game of Thrones on Roku".


Special Searches

Note: the part in the { } is optional.

Search Type Example
Genre {movies/shows} "Comedy shows"
Actor {movies/shows} "Ryan Reynolds movies"
Sports event {games} "FIFA games"
Sports league {games}

"NHL games"

Sports team {games} "Manchester United games"


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