TiVo remote doesn't cause Caavo to switch to TiVo input

by Jerry

Caavo will seamlessly allow you to use your TiVo remote to control your TiVo device, along with the Caavo remote.  When your system is already powered on, using the TiVo remote should also cause Caavo to automatically switch to the TiVo input.

If your TiVo remote does not cause Caavo to switch to the TiVo input, use the Caavo remote to go to Settings> Devices> TiVo> Control Settings> Auto-Switch Settings and confirm that "TiVo IR Remote operation" is selected.

If that setting was already on, you will need to make sure your TiVo remote is in IR mode.  Using the TiVo remote, press and hold the TiVo+Red C buttons until the activity indicator on the remote control lights up.  Then point it at TiVo to make sure the remote can control it.

  • Switching from RF (radio frequency) to IR (infrared) means that if you want to use the TiVo remote, you will have to point it directly at the TiVo device for it to work properly.  If you are using the Caavo remote, that won't be necessary.
  • If Caavo can now control the TiVo device but the TiVo remote cannot, you will need to set the remote address of the TiVo remote.  Using the TiVo remote, press and hold the TIVO and PAUSE buttons until the remote's light stays on.  Release those two buttons and then press the "0" button. 

NOTE: If you have more than one TiVo device in the same room, Caavo will send out IR signals that will control all TiVo devices at the same time.



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