How to connect Caavo to an AV setup in a closet or basement?

There are 2 scenarios in which you can set up Caavo to work with an AV setup that is in your closet or basement.  

Scenario 1: Caavo installed in the closet or basement with the AV setup...

The Caavo remote interacts with Caavo via Bluetooth.  As such the distance from your closet or basement AV setup should be within Bluetooth range of the TV viewing area (approx. 30 feet).  Please note that obstructions like walls and large furniture will affect the Bluetooth signal.  In this setup you will also need a long length HDMI cable that can be run from Caavo (closet or basement) to your TV.

Scenario 2: Caavo is installed where the TV is.  The rest of the AV setup is in the closet or basement...

In this instance the Caavo remote can communicate with Caavo easily since the two will be in the same area.  However with this setup you will need multiple long length cables for each device that is in the closet or basement that will connect to Caavo.

*Please note that in either scenario you may still need IR communication between Caavo and devices that do not support direct control (IP, HDMI-CEC).