How Do I Use Caavo's IR over HDMI technology?

by Gagan

When you have a device connected to Caavo that is out of its field of vision, possibly due to it being located in another partition or room, the HDMI-IR adapter extends the IR signal from your remote controls over any HDMI cable. That means you can hide your equipment out of sight without needing to run any extra cables.


To do this, follow these instructions:

1. Connect the angled IR blaster cable to the Caavo HDMI-IR controller
2. Disconnect the existing HDMI cable from the back of your device
3. Connect the HDMI-IR controller to the HDMI connection that you removed in step 2
4. Reconnect the HDMI cable you removed in step 2 and attach to the HDMI-IR controller
5. Place IR controller block head in front of the device you are trying to control


Also see article "Can I use the Caavo HDMI-IR adapter with my TV?"


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