My TV powers on by itself

by Jerry

Caavo has a setting that will allow other devices to turn it on.  To turn this off for all devices, go to Settings> General> Power system on when device activity is detected and disable this setting.

If you do not want to turn off this setting globally, or it is already disabled, check for the following:

  • If Caavo keeps waking up to display a particular device, go to Settings> Devices> [device name]> Control Settings> Auto-Switch Settings and disable any "power on" options, if available.
  • Check to see if the remote for any of the devices attached to Caavo (TV, AVR, Soundbar, or any other device remote) are in a place where a pet or someone else might accidentally press a button.
    • If all of your remotes are stuffed into one spot, such as a pocket or container of some sort, make sure that buttons aren't being pressed accidentally.  Don't forget to check inside the couch cushions!
  • If you have a second Caavo in your home, going through the setup process on one may wake up other devices on your network.  This could also cause other Caavo devices to wake up.
  • If you find that one device keeps waking up the system, you may wish to see if there are any sleep settings that you can modify on that device.


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