What to do if Caavo doesn't power on

by Gagan

If your Caavo isn't powering on, please try the following:

  1. Make sure power cord is pushed all the way in. This includes both the end that plugs into the wall, as well as the end that plugs into Caavo. Sometimes, the end that plugs into Caavo needs a little more force to have it plug in fully.
  2. Check for lights on the front of Caavo after 30 seconds. 
  3. If you see lights, that means Caavo is powering on and there may be an issue with your HDMI connections. Check that all your HDMI cables are connected properly and that you have the correct input selected on your TV
  4. If Caavo is plugged into a circuit breaker, ensure the circuit breaker is turned ON
  5. Try unplugging and replugging Caavo power cable again and check

If you still have problems with your Caavo not powering on, please contact Caavo Support.


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