What to do if voice search doesn't work

by Gagan

It is important to press and hold the mic button for the entire duration of the speech. See article on Introduction to your Caavo remote.

Voice search depends on internet connectivity. Please verify Caavo is connected to the Internet and that you are able to retrieve a webpage on your laptop or phone to ensure that data is transferring on your home network. Perform a text-based search function (see article on how to search for content on Caavo) and ensure you can see results.

Verify that other operations of the remote are working ok by using the up/down/left/right and Caavo buttons to navigate the user interface on the main unit. 

If none of the functions on your remote work, see article on what to do if my Caavo remote is not functioning.

Check if the light on the remote flashes green when you press and hold the MIC button. If you see a green light and are keeping the mic button pressed for the entire duration of the voice command, the main unit should first show "Listening" and then show the text string of your search. If the main unit shows "Listening" but does not show the text string of your search, reboot Caavo and check your network (see article on what to do if Caavo can't connect to the internet).

If the issue is still not resolved, you may need to talk to your internet service provider or your router for possible issues that may involve blocking of certain ports or firewall.




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