What to do if IR learning fails

by Gagan

There are a number of reasons IR learning might fail. Re-enter into the Caavo setup for the devices in which you are trying to set up IR learning and try the following:

  1. Bring the remote you are learning close to the main Caavo device (within a few feet) and point the remote you are learning directly at Caavo.
  2. When asked to press a button to learn, make sure you simple press and release quickly, as if you were using the button normally. Do not press and hold.
  3. Do not point the original device remote to the Caavo remote for learning. The Caavo remote doesn't learn the IR commands, the Caavo device does.

Finally, please make sure your remote is an IR remote, not an RF remote. Try covering the front of your original device remote with your hand and try controlling the device. If it still works, your remote if probably RF and therefore there is nothing for Caavo IR to learn.


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