What to do if any content/shows fail to launch

by Jerry

If you select a search result from Caavo and are only taken to the Home screen on a streaming device, check to see if that device actually has the app installed.  If it does, make sure to log into the app manually.

  • When you set up your Caavo account, you entered your app credentials.  This only allows Caavo to scan your watchlists and does not allow Caavo to actually log into the app on your device for you.

If you select a program from a Watchlist on your Xfinity, Dish, or DirecTV DVR, you should be taken to the program screen where you can then select the option to watch it. 

Companion App
To have a program launch directly from a search result, or by using the "watch/play" command for an item in your watchlist(s), certain devices (Nvidia Shield, Amazon FireTV, AppleTV*) require having the Caavo Companion app installed. 

  • *The Companion App is only available on AppleTV devices that have the ability to install apps from the store (Generation4 or higher)
  • Deep Linking is supported on all Roku devices without the need for a companion app EXCEPT: first generation Roku, Roku Stick, and Roku televisions, which do not support Deep Linking.
  • If your devices don't seem to work for the content you normally access you may need to restart the Companion App. Simply navigate to and select the Companion App found on your device, then try to access the content again.


If you are trying to launch content directly from a search result and it fails:

  • Make sure the app is installed on the streaming device
  • Make sure the Caavo Companion app is installed (if applicable)
  • On AppleTV, move the Caavo Companion app to the top row of the Home screen
  • If you are getting a "device offline" error, check that the device is properly connected to the same network as Caavo
  • Try pressing and holding the DEVICES button on the Caavo remote. This will attempt to re-launch the same content.


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