What to do if IR control is not working

by Gagan
  1. Did you go through IR learning during setup and was IR learning successful?
    If IR learning was not successful, please return to setup and go through IR learning. If you need help with IR learning, you can search the help center for "IR" or "IR learning".

    If IR learning was successful, please make sure that the device you are trying to control has a direct line of sight to Caavo. If there isn't a direct line of sight, please ensure that you are using one of the included IR accessories so that the IR signal can reach the device. If there isn't a direct line of sight, IR will fail to reach the device.
  2. Do you have a Plasma TV?
    Plasma TVs emit signals that can conflict with IR signals. If you have a plasma TV you may need to use an IR emitter to send IR signal directly to your device so the plasma TV doesn't interfere.
  3. If you did not go through IR learning and your IR control was working and stopped all of a sudden, make sure nothing is blocking the line of sight from Caavo to your device. Otherwise, try to reboot Caavo.


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