What to do if you don't see any video and Caavo is not responding to your original device's remote

by Gagan

If your original device's remote doesn't seem to be controlling the device and you are not seeing any video, it's possible that Caavo doesn't know what input or device you are using. Please try the following:

  1. Press the silver Caavo button to make sure you can see the Caavo UI. This step also serves to "wake up" Caavo in case the device isn't awake.
  2. Using the Caavo remote, go into Settings > General and enable "Power system on when device activity is detected". If this is disabled then Caavo won't know when another device turns on the TV. With it enabled, Caavo will know when you are using another remote and will "wake up" any time you try to use a device's original remote.


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