What to do if Amazon FireTV is not able to connect with Caavo

by Jerry

If Caavo is unable to connect with your FireTV, please make sure that your FireTV is connected to the same wireless or wired internet network as Caavo.

If they are on the same network, but your FireTV is still not connected, use your FireTV remote to go to Settings > Controllers and Bluetooth devices> Other Bluetooth devices

  • If Caavo is listed as a connected device, select it and then press the MENU button to unpair it, and then the SELECT button to confirm the unpairing. 
  • If Caavo is not listed as a device, select "Add Bluetooth Devices" and follow the on-screen instructions.

If you are still unable to use the Caavo remote to control FireTV after verifying that both are on the same network and pairing fails, restart your Fire TV by going to Settings > Device > Restart.

Once your FireTV restarts, Caavo should be able to connect to it. 

  • If not, restart your router.  Then, restart FireTV and Caavo.  This should refresh their IP addresses and allow you to connect.


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