Lights On The Caavo Remote Explained

by Boone


On the top left corner of the remote control is a small led that flashes/blinks either blue, red or green. 

Green light when a button is pressed - Your remote is working fine.

Blue blinking continuously - Remote is disconnected from the main unit. Either the remote is out of range from main unit or the main unit is switched off. Turn on the main unit or move close to the main unit. If this does not fix the issue, see article 'What To Do If Your Caavo Remote Is Not Working'

Red blink when using pressing any key - Your remote control is low on charge. Please charge your remote control.

No LED Indicator - Remote out of charge completely

Alternate Red and Green Blink - This happens when you are trying to unpair the remote. (Expert tip: To unpair the remote from main unit, press the Caavo and Back buttons together).

Continuous green blink - Caavo remote is in pairing mode. Wait till the pairing is completed.

Solid Red - What happens when the remote is on charge


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