How Do I Access My Pay TV/STB Guide?

by Boone

You can search for any content you are looking for and navigate to 'Live' and 'Upcoming' tabs on the Caavo user interface to find when the content might be playing. 

If you are on the pay tv (cable or satellite) input, you can use the 'Guide' button on Caavo remote to bring up the Guide.  Depending on your pay tv provider, the button on Caavo remote may be located differently. Please see article 'How Do I Use My Caavo Remote To Control My Xfinity, Dish, Directv, Or Other Cable/Satellite Set-Top Boxes (STBs)?' on how to use use my Caavo remote with cable and satellite set-top box (STBs). Also see article 'How To Customize Buttons On The Caavo Remote' on how to customize buttons on the Caavo remotes.



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