How Do I Access Quick Skip On My Caavo Remote?

by Jerry

Cable/Satellite boxes
Depending on your set top box, the SKIP button on Caavo remote may be mapped differently than you expect. If you have Caavo's remote hints enabled (Settings> General), simply touch a button on the Caavo remote to display button descriptions on the bottom right of the screen. 

When connected to a cable or satellite DVR, your RW button will also function as Skip Back/Replay, and FF will also function as Skip Forward. You can access these functions by long pressing the button.

  • Xfinity DVRs are an exception because the PgDn & PgUp buttons perform Replay & Skip forward functions separately from the RWD & FF buttons.

To swap out the default settings for RW/FF to Replay/Skip, go to Settings> General> Map FF/RW buttons to Skip/Replay (this setting is not available for Xfinity boxes).


TiVo Devices
Many TiVo programs have SkipMode, which advises you to press "D" or "CHAN UP" during a break to resume a show.  The Ch Up button on the bottom right of the Caavo remote will perform this function for you.


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