How And Where Should I Place My Caavo IR Blaster?

by Boone

The Caavo IR blaster is designed to be admired out in the open - at home in your home. You should place it within line of sight of the devices you are controlling. It's important to remember that IR only works with line of sight.

When controlling TVs, the general best practice is to aim the IR controller at the power light / status light on the TV (unless you know exactly where the IR receiver unit is on your TV). You can often determine the location of an IR receiver by shining a bright light (mobile phone flashlight) at the chassis of your connected device to find the IR receiver lense which is not opaque.

For AVRs/Soundbars or other devices, point the IR blaster at the front of the device you wish to control, and the test Caavo remote control to determine if it is working correctly.


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