How to recover my Caavo from Bad state?

by Gagan

If your Caavo goes into a bad state, becomes unresponsive, or doesn't turn on properly, try pulling the power to restart.  If that doesn't help, you have a few ways to recover it.

The first thing you should do is make sure that your Caavo remote is fully charged and is paired with the Caavo device following the steps in this article

  • You will also want to be certain you are viewing the correct input on your TV and AVR, if applicable, to make sure you can actually see the Caavo display.

If the remote's LED is flashing and you are seeing video from Caavo but the device appears completely locked up, you should attempt a hard factory reset.  This will wipe all customized options within Caavo. You will need to go through setup again after a factory reset. To do this push and hold the three buttons on the top of your Caavo device (highlighted in red) for about 15 seconds until the display goes black.


Hold all three buttons until the unit reboots, then release the buttons. Your Caavo will start up like normal and ask you to pair remote, then walk you through the rest of setup.


Firmware Recovery (primary method)
The second option is to push your Caavo into recovery mode, which will downgrade back to the last known working firmware.  If successful, the device would update firmware to the most current version once you begin setup. 

On top of the Caavo device, press and hold both the PLAY/PAUSE button and the "+" button for 45 seconds.  The unit should then reboot, eventually returning to the beginning of the setup process.  It will automatically take the latest firmware update again as part of setup.


Firmware Recovery (backup method)
If you are unable to get the unit into Firmware Recovery by pressing those two buttons for 45 seconds, you will have to perform the following steps:

  1. With the power cord plugged into Caavo; unplug the cord and immediately plug it back in.

  2. Wait 7 seconds.

  3. Perform the aforementioned steps for a total of 6 times.

  4. After the 6th time, leave the plug inserted.

  5. Wait approximately 10-­15 minutes for Caavo to install and recover to the last known working firmware. During this time Caavo will not output any Audio or Video and will appear to be off. Do NOT unplug the power cord during this time! The Caavo logo should appear when recovery is successful.


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