Amazon Watchlists

by Jerry

Caavo supports your Amazon watchlist for your recently watched and purchased content. Linking your credentials enables the watchlist browse feature and “watch” command to automatically pick up where you left off. Caavo will sync your watchlist nightly for shows and movies you have watched or purchased. 

The Amazon app can be launched and controlled via the Caavo remote on:

  • FireTV
  • Nvidia Shield
  • Roku

We are working to implement direct linking to Amazon on AppleTV.  If AppleTV is your only streaming device, you will not see Amazon as an option to choose when setting up your Caavo Account.  In the meantime, you can still use your Caavo remote to navigate to the Amazon app manually.

Please Note: Caavo Accounts does not sign you in on your devices.
In order to launch an app or deeplink into content, a viewer must first download and sign into the given app on their device (i.e. AppleTV, FireTV, Roku, Shield)

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