Why is IP connection to my set top box required for my watchlist?

by Jerry

Watchlist retrieval happens automatically after Caavo has been turned off for a while.  Caavo needs to have the ability to control the DVR at all times.  If your DVR is completely powered off, or closed in a location that Caavo can't control it when you aren't watching, watchlist retrieval will continue to fail.

If you have a DirecTV or Dish DVR:

  • Make sure the DVR is powered up and connected to the same network that Caavo is on.
  • On Caavo, go to Settings> Devices> [device name] and make sure the Control Type entry is "IP".  If it is "IR", Caavo will not be able to retrieve the watchlist.
    • To reset control, select the Control Settings options, then Change Control type.  Select IP. 
  • Bring up the Caavo menu, go to Watchlists and leave the highlight on DirecTV or Dish.  Press the KEYPAD button on the Caavo remote (9 buttons, bottom center) to refresh the DVR list.  Put the remote down until the process finishes or it will be terminated. 


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