HDMI Extender - Why Ours Are Different

by Gagan

While the pegs help standard HDMI cables be managed and organized nicely, HDMI sticks do present certain challenges.  Therefore, the Caavo HDMI extender is provided to allow you to easily attach a HDMI stick to Caavo.  

Furthermore, the Caavo HDMI extender has been engineered to improve interoperability with the Caavo HDMI-IR adapter.  In some cases, such as AppleTV 4k and FireTV stick, the HDMI protocol requires attaching a Caavo HDMI extender in order for Caavo HDMI-IR adapter to work properly.

Troubleshooting Trick: Connecting AppleTV 4k or FireTV stick to Caavo directly prohibits Caavo from transmitting IR signals on HDMI cable. Use provided HDMI Extender with these devices if IR-over-HDMI does not work for you.


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