How do I switch Caavo accounts?

by Gagan

To switch the Caavo account linked with your Caavo, you will need to factory reset it first. This will not delete your current account, or the apps, services or credentials linked to this account. It will remove any connected device setup linked to your Caavo, and will require that you go through device detection and setup.

To factory reset your Caavo, go to Settings > Factory Reset and then confirm that you will be deleting your current device setup. 

Once you have completed the Caavo setup flow, you will be asked to link your Caavo account with your device, and to sign in or create a new account.


If you have already created the account you'd like to use with Caavo, choose "sign in."

If you would like to link a new account to Caavo, choose "create account."

Then follow the on-screen instructions to link your apps, services and credentials to your Caavo.


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