Caavo does not find my Roku during setup

by Jerry

Roku needs to be connected to the same network that Caavo is using in order for Caavo to find it.  If Roku is not on the same network as Caavo during setup, the "Is your Roku in the list below?" screen will only have one option titled "I don't see my device. Help me with this step".  Selecting this item will allow you to see video from the Roku device.

From here you will need to use the Roku remote to set up the Roku device. 

  • If you are unable to complete Roku setup at this point, press the FF (>>) button on the Caavo remote to skip setup for Roku.  You will not have control of Roku until you finish setting it up, after which you will have to plug it back into Caavo to set up the device.

Once you have completed the setup steps for the Roku that are displayed onscreen, allow the Roku to finish any channel downloads it is performing.  If you were able to finish setting up Roku, grab the Caavo remote and press the CAAVO button as listed onscreen.  You should then see Roku listed on the "Is your Roku in the list below?" screen. 

Select your Roku device and follow the onscreen instructions from this point.


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