What to do if I got a new TV, soundbar, or AVR?

by Jerry

It is easy to set up a new TV with Caavo.  Once you connect the new TV, simply go to Settings> Devices.  Select the name of your old TV and choose Reset Output, then follow the onscreen instructions to set up your new TV.


Soundbar/AVR (Audio/Video Receiver or surround sound)
Depending on the type of soundbar you purchased, you may:

  1. Connect Caavo's output to the input of the soundbar/AVR and then the output of that device to your television


  2. Connect Caavo's output to the TV, and then connect the TV's audio output to the soundbar/AVR.
  • If your soundbar/AVR has HDMI in and out, Caavo recommends option (1) above.
  • If your soundbar/AVR does not have an HDMI in and out, you will have to use option 2.

After connecting your soundbar or AVR for the first time, you will need to setup the new audio device within Caavo so that Caavo can control it.  Go to Settings> Devices and select the name of your TV, then choose Reset Output.  This will cause you to go through the TV and soundbar/AVR settings at the same time, giving you the option to listen to audio through just the soundbar/AVR or use the TV's speakers as well.


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