Static/Black Screen/No Signal displayed by TV

by Jerry

If your TV is not displaying video after turning on Caavo, try the following:

  • Make sure the TV is plugged in, powered on, and set for the proper input port
  • If you are running signal from Caavo to the TV through a soundbar or AVR (audio video receiver), make sure the soundbar/AVR is plugged in, powered on, and set for the proper input port
  • Make sure Caavo is plugged in and powered on.  When you press a button on the Caavo remote, the Caavo device's LEDs should flash
  • Try unplugging the cable from Caavo's HDMI OUT port and then plug it back in.  Try the same thing with the connection at the TV.  If you are using a soundbar/AVR, check the input and output connections there as well.
  • Try restarting Caavo and, if needed, the TV and soundbar/AVR. 
  • If the blank screen happens only with one particular device, restart that device.
  • Check your TV's manual to find out how to make sure it is set to display 1080p video or higher. Choose the "Auto" or "Best" setting, if available.

If none of the above works, try moving the HDMI cable on the TV to another port.  You may also wish to try using a different HDMI cable. 

If you are having this problem during setup of just a specific device, change that device's setting to 1080p during setup and then try changing it again afterward.


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