Volume control of my soundbar/AVR is slow or doesn't work

by Jerry

Check Caavo's control settings of your soundbar/AVR by going to Settings> Devices> [soundbar/AVR name]. 

If the current control type is listed as "CEC", make sure the soundbar/AVR has CEC enabled (check that device's manual or search online for instructions).  If that setting is enabled but unreliable, you may want to try switching control type to IP (only supported on some AVRs) or IR by selecting Settings > Devices > [AVR/Soundbar]> Test Control

  • During Test Control, the control "type" will be displayed onscreen (IR, CEC, IP).  If you have previously tested a control type and it worked, you may wish to answer "NO" (even if it is working) to test the next available control type.

If the control type is IP, make sure your soundbar/AVR is connected to your network.  If you are using a wired connection, check the Ethernet cable to make sure it is plugged in snugly.  As a last resort, you may wish to restart the soundbar/AVR, your router, and Caavo in case there is a network issue.

If the control type is IR (infrared), try enabling CEC control on your soundbar/AVR, if that is an option, and going through Test Control again.  Otherwise, Caavo will require a direct "line of sight" with an IR transmitter to work properly.  If the "line of sight" is changed/blocked, or the transmitter is moved out of alignment, IR control can become sporadic or stop working altogether. If the device, or Caavo, is behind a closed cabinet door you will need to point an IR transmitter at the device in order to send a signal.

  • Make sure Caavo has a line-of-sight to device. If you are using an IR transmitter, check its connection to Caavo's IR port
  • Check that the transmitter wasn't knocked out of alignment. The transmitter should point at the sensor of the device you intend to control, not at Caavo.
  • If you are using the Caavo HDMI-IR cable, make sure the HDMI-IR cable is connected directly to the soundbar/AVR, not to Caavo, and that the transmitter is plugged in firmly to the HDMI-IR cable
  • Try restarting the soundbar/AVR and Caavo
  • Make sure the device being controlled has the latest firmware.  Many soundbars/AVRs are not always connected to the internet to receive updates.

IR can be difficult to troubleshoot because it cannot be seen with the naked eye.  Try using a digital camera (your phone's camera should work) to "see" the Infrared signal blasting from the Caavo box as well as any attached emitters. The Caavo box has two emitters on the front and one on each side that will light up when issuing IR commands like Volume UP/Down.  This is also a good method to determine if your IR transmitter is actually sending a signal or not.


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