My TV is switching to the wrong input when AVR turns on

by Gagan

Try quickly pressing the Power button on your Caavo remote one more time. For most setups, this should switch your TV and AVR to the Caavo input. You can also try pressing the CAAVO button on the Caavo remote, but that will only work in some setups (if CEC is enabled on both the TV and AVR).

If this still doesn't work, check if your AVR is set to CEC for power control (settings > devices > [AVR Name]). If it is, try changing to a different control type by running test control and telling Caavo the CEC power test failed, even if it is working.

If you are still unable to get your TV to power on to the correct input when pressing the power button on your Caavo remote, please contact Caavo customer support for more troubleshooting.


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