App is not launching on my Apple TV

by Gagan

If you select a search result from Caavo and are only taken to the Home screen on AppleTV, you may not have that app installed on your AppleTV. 

  • e.g. If you search for a program and select "watch on" Hulu (for example) and are only taken to the Home screen of AppleTV, check to see if you actually have the Hulu app installed on AppleTV


If you have the appropriate streaming app installed on your Apple TV, please check the following settings on Apple TV:

  • Settings> General> Accessibility> Display Accommodations.  If this is on, please turn it off.  At the very least, turn off or increase the Light Sensitivity setting until search results are able to successfully link directly into the appropriate app.
  • Settings> General> Accessibility> Increase Contrast> Focus Style.  Set to default.

We are testing fixes in newer firmware so that you should hopefully be able to changes these settings back in the near future.


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