Caavo first time setup network error

by Jerry



There is some likelihood that you may experience troubles connecting Caavo to your network for the very first time.  The following instructions should get you past this initial bug, after which Caavo will update its firmware and you will not encounter this issue again.  If you have the option to use a wired (Ethernet) connection, even if only temporarily, it could help you get past this issue sooner.

After you pair your remote with Caavo, you should be prompted to enter your network information and download a new update.  If, however, you are told that Caavo cannot connect to a network, even though you haven’t entered network credentials yet, please try the following steps.

Your Caavo may also show you connected to a network, but return an error showing that your network does not have internet.


If using a wireless connection:

  1. Select Network Settings, then WiFi Settings.  
  2. Select your network name (SSID) and enter the login credentials.
  3. If Caavo fails to connect, unplug Caavo from power.
  4. On the Caavo remote, press and hold the Caavo and Back buttons together until the LED starts flashing red and green
  5. Plug Caavo back in to power.
  6. If the connection fails, go through the same steps as above.  Once you select the same network name, you should be given the option to “forget the network”, which you should do.
  7. After forgetting the network, restart the box and set up your network again.
  8. There is a possibility that you may need to restart one more time to connect.
  9. If the connection still fails, repeat step 6. Then pull the power to Caavo, insert a wired ethernet connection, then plug the power back in. After Caavo gets through the setup process, you can unplug the wired ethernet connection and use wifi.


If using a Wired connection, and the initial connection fails, follow steps 3 -5 above.  There is a possibility that you may need to restart one more time to connect.


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