Caavo keeps disconnecting and connecting to FireTV ( Bluetooth)

by Jerry

If you have the option, try configuring FireTV and Caavo to be on the same 5g network.  2.4g networks are more susceptible to interference.

You may want to unpair and then re-pair FireTV with Caavo.  You will need to have your FireTV on hand.  To do this:

  1. On FireTV, go to Settings> Controllers & Bluetooth Devices> Other Bluetooth Devices.  Highlight the Caavo entry and then press the 3-line MENU button to unpair, followed by pressing SELECT to confirm. 
  2. Once unpaired, Caavo should display an overlay asking if you want to pair.  Use the Caavo remote to begin the process
  3. Once you see FireTV's pairing screen, use the FireTV remote to select "Add Bluetooth Devices".  After a moment, a Caavo device should appear. 
  4. Selecting the Caavo device will bring up a "Bluetooth pairing request".  Confirm that the number displayed by FireTV matches the number now displaying at the top of the Caavo screen. 
  5. Once done, use the Caavo remote to confirm it can control FireTV.
  6. Make sure to select the correct FireTV, if you have more than one, on the selection screen
  7. If you've already installed the Caavo Companion app, select it and confirm that it displays "Caavo connected successfully!" on the screen


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